Glass Laminated wire mesh is an exciting choice for wall partitioning. Partition walls of Stainless Steel wire mesh offer a versatile solution and varying open meshes can provide you with semi-transparency, high- transparency or opaqueness. Back lighting or front lighting of the mesh screens will make it transparent or opaque. General information: Maximum panel size: 3000mm x 6000mm Type of glass: For mesh laminates we advise that low iron glass is specified. Edge detail: Laminated glass can be processed as any other standard glazing; however, the glass will have to be toughened if cut-outs, notches or holes are required. Safety:  Laminated panels conform to BS6206. Mesh laminates: We can laminate a wide variety of meshes. The mesh is sandwiched between layers of clear PVB/EVA. We have a range of standard mesh laminates to choose from. External use: We recommend that mesh laminated glass be used for interior use only. Combining processes: Mesh laminates can be combined with  backpainting and sandblasting. Mirroring: Mirrored glass can make up one of the laminated layers to achieve a reflective and opaque panel suitable for cladding.
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