REVERCE SWITCHABLE FILM (R-PDLC) TRANSPARENT AT 0 VOLTS When transparency is required most of the time, this saves energy and extends the lifetime of the film. This type of glass is UNIQUE Reverse: Transparent at 0 Volts. Low voltage: Can be driven from 10 to 60 Volts. Film will is laminated into glass. Colours: White, black, yellow, pink, purple and blue. Other custom-made colours available on request. We colour the liquid crystal, not the ITO-PET! Dimmable: Adjustable transparencies. Projection: You can project video and images onto the Smart-X-film. APPLICATIONS: EXAMPLES Architecture: Partition walls, façades, glass roofs, balustrades Advertisement: Video projector screens Automobile: Windows, glass roofs Museum: Vitrines, projector screens Refrigerator: Electric doors Sun-shade: Façades, glass roofs Total thickness 0.39mm (for lamination into glass) Dimensions: * Maximum width 1.200 mm,  Length 3.500 mm ELECTRO-OPTICAL PROPERTIES (25°C) – AVERAGE VALUES Off-state: Transparency at 0 Volts * Total light transmission ≤ 75% * Haze ≥ 95% * Power consumption 0 W/m2 On-state: Translucent * LOW voltage, can be driven with a battery! AC10 ~60V (50/60Hz) * Total light transmission ≥ 83% * Haze ≤ 5.0% (This film is dimmable!) * Power consumption ≤ 2.0 W/m2 * Infra-red (IR) blocking ≥ 65% OPERATIVE RANGES * Operating Voltage AC10 - 60V (50/60Hz) sine wave, low voltage * Temperature range of use From –20 °C to ~65 °C ELECTRICAL BUS BAR APPLICATION Electrical bus bars are usually placed along two opposite edges of the panels. Alternative bus bar positioning may need a higher voltage, up to a maximum of AC60V. We can recommend the most appropriate set-up for your needs in terms of effectiveness and safety. Price on application. Please include your name, business name, project name, product number, quantities and sizes
Switchable glass
NORMAL   SWITCHABLE   FILM   PDLC   TRANSPARENT AT 60 VOLTS Maxlen LCD Dimmable  Glass, SPD, Smart Switchable Glass Overview Polymer   Dispersed   Liquid   Crystal   (PDLC),   SFF   film   for   projection(White   and grey) Maxlen    Liquid    Crystal    Glass...intimacy    or    privacy    at    the    flick    of    a switch...your window on the future! For   those   times   when   you   would   like   to   be   shielded   from   view,   LC   Glass allows    you    to    simply    flick    a    switch    creating    an    immediately    private environment.   When   a   minute   current   is   applied   to   LC   glass,   an   almost   instant reaction allows immediate transparency. When   used   in   conjunction   with   our   remote   control   equipment   the   "wow" factor is even greater. Projection   Screen   -   LC   glass   when   in   the   off   state   can   act   as   a   magnificent projection   screen.   Imagine   turning   your   shop   window   into   a   screen   on   which to project advertising images and video. Sizes up to 1800 mm x 3500 mm Price from £ 450 sqm Transformer £ 100 Lead time is around 4 weeks