The Vanceva color studio provides architects and designers availability of over 3,000 transparent or translucent glass colors. The system is based on a foundational palette of 13 basic colors that can be combined in up to 4 layers to produce custom colored glass. One to four sheets of Vanceva color interlayer is typically used to construct custom colored laminated glass. Since the maximum number of interlayers is four, each Vanceva color has been assigned a four-digit number. Each number or letter represents a layer from the foundational palette used to create all Vanceva color interlayer combinations.
Common applications where Vanceva color interlayer is commonly used. " Vertical Safety Glazing " Security Glazing " Bullet-Resistant Glazing " Bomb Blast - Resistant Glazing " Acoustic Glazing " Glazing for Solar Gain Reduction Reduced Solar Gain: Vanceva filters out UV light and helps protect and preserve interior furnishings and fabrics, drapes and wall coverings, photographs and artwork from fading and deterioration.
Coloured Laminate
EVA Laminated Glass Advantages of Our EVA Laminated Glass 1.  Super transparent. Suit for the place requiring the high requirement of light transmittance. 2.  Good uv resistance and aging resistance, can replace PVB film. 3.  Better humidity resistance than PVB Film, can be used in external environment and in wet area’s 4.  Can be used to laminate different kind of decorative interlayers 5.  Strong adhesive and good safety 6.  Good adhesive to many materials, like glass, metal, PET, PC 7.  Good noise insulation 8. Available in 64 colours