Finely   sliced   strips   of   shell   are   glued   together   onto   mesh   or   paper   to   form   a   flat   sheet   then   laminated   between   two   sheets   of   glass   to   make final product that recaptures all of the natural beauty of the shell used.  Flat or curved Glass Shell Laminates can be used as an eye catching, decorative feature in both Commercial and Residential interiors projects.  SHELL TYPES : White   Mother   of   Pearl,   Abalone   Pearl,   Light   Pearl   -   Terrazzo,   Dark   Pearl   -   Terrazzo,   Abalone   'Paua'   -   Terrazzo,   Golden   Capiz,   White   Capiz, Chinese River Shell, Blacklip Shell, Goldenlip Shell, brownlip Shell, Japanese Awabi, Korea Awabi, Freshwater Shell, Natural Agate Mosaic Maximum sizes: 3000mm x 6000mm Price: from £ 250 sq/m (PVB or EVA laminated 6mm + 6mm Low Iron glass, toughened, PAR)  Minimum order quantity: 5 sq/m
Laminated Capiz Shells