Saflex    DG    structural    interlayer    for    architectural    laminated glass. Saflex    DG,    designed    for    applications    in    which    increased interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion are required. Saflex   DG   provides   superior   structural   capacity   compared   to standard PVB interlayers. The   interlayer   also   offers   design   flexibility,   as   it   is   compatible with other Saflex and Vanceva products. Due   to   the   stiffness   of   Saflex   DG,   laminates   can   sustain   higher uniform    loads    with    the    same    glass    thickness,    or    the    glass thickness can be reduced and still achieve the same loading. The    interlayer    is    suited    for    use    with    annealed    and    heat- strengthened   glass,   providing   the   opportunity   to   design   with less   optical   distortion,   reduce   the   potential   for   spontaneous breakage,   allow   for   view-through   capability   after   breakage   and design   for   applications   in   which   thermal   stress   may   come   into consideration, according to the release. Specific   applications   of   Saflex   DG   interlayer   include   structural glass    applications,    exposed    edge    laminates,    floors,    stairs, balconies,    canopies,    point    glazing    systems,    clip    systems, captured   systems,   curtain   wall,   sloped   and   overhead   glazing, and   glazing   applications   in   which   it   is   necessary   for   glass   to remain intact after breakage.
SGP interlayers: Compared   with   the   PVB   films,   it   is   better   in   strength,   more transparent, it is the best configuration for Ultra-clear glass. SGP   is   viscoelastic   material,it   increases   security   by   providing five   times   the   tear   strength   for   intrusion   resistance   and   100 times the rigidity of conventional laminated glass. SGP   satisfies   consumers’   requests   for   break-resistant   windows by   providing   added   security   ,   even   in   accidents.   The   adhesive interlayer   increases   occupant   safety   and   reduces   the   risk   of lacerations from flying pieces of broken glass. SGP    laminated    glass    has    the    same        bending    strength    with equivalent   thickness      glass,it   can   reduce   the   thickness   of   the laminated glass effectively. SGP   film   can   bond   metal   plates   and   membrane,which   creats   a new filed in aesthetic. Lamintaed   glass   with   SGP   not   only   guarntees   its   security   also maintains the lightsome  and transparent in structure.
Laminated Structural Glass