Recycled laminated cast glass Recycled   glass   provides   the   perfect   sustainable   solution   for   building   facades.   This   material   is   formed   from   recycled   glass,      fired   at   a   high temperature   and   infused   with   a   pigment   to   produce   a   very   unique   look.   For   the   purposes   of   most   facade   applications   a   20mm   thickness provides   the   requisite   strength.   According   to   the   different   environment   require,   recycled   glass   can   be   laminated   with   glass   on   the   back   of front side in order to improve the strength and to make the recycled glass real safety product. Maximum size: 2400*1200mm, 3000*1400mm    Range of thickness: 20mm, 30mm    Min Order Quantity: 10 sqm
Recycled laminated cast glass