These   days,   designers   and   architects   have   their   pick from   a   variety   of   different   types   of   glass,   including curved   glass,   or   other   decorative   glass   options.   With   so many   choices,   it   can   be   difficult   to   choose   what   type will    best    compliment    the    rest    of    the    project.    One choice    that    has    leapt    to    the    forefront    for    those interested   in   a   timeless,   durable   and   classic   look   is rice-paper   glass. This   is   constructed   using   Japanese   rice paper,   laminated   in   between   two   sheets   of   glass   and bonded together. The   technique   and   precision   used   in   the   construction   of rice   paper   glass,   which   celebrates   the   natural   textures and   colours   of   hand-made   paper,   have   been   admired   for centuries.   The   striking   and   beautiful   look   of   hand-made paper   can   be   given   extra   strength   when   it   is   bonded   to glass,   and   then   this   can   be   incorporated   into   a   wide range   of   different   spaces   or   structures.   The   designs   can be   used   to   accentuate   other   elements   of   the   interior architecture,   for   a   more   harmonious   look   and   feel   to   a space.    In    many    cases,    this    type    of    glass    is    used    in hospitality   or   residential   design,   but   there   are   other types of projects it may be suitable for. Within   restaurants   or   retail   establishments,   rice   paper glass   can   give   an   ornamental   and   unique   edge   to   any design.   It's   important   to   remember   that   it   is   not   only pretty   to   look   at,   however,   but   actually   is   designed   to   be   extremely   strong   and   durable,   so   that   it   can   be   used   as   the   core   of   a   structure. Because   it   is   laminated,   it   can   be   tempered   or   fabricated   according   to   your   specific   needs   to   fit   into   a   wide   variety   of   different   project   types, so   that   it   adheres   to   safety   standards   and   building   codes. Another   benefit   is   that   the   rice   paper   can   be   modified   to   provide   as   much   or   as   little privacy as you want, without resorting to traditional glass shading techniques that are usually used for such obscuring purposes. Combining   elegance   and   durability,   these   translucent   panels   are   decorative   and   exciting   at   the   same   time.   Organic   or   geometric   patterns   are popular options, with designs that range from minimalist to more modern and complex.
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Wallpaper, Parchment and Rice paper