Wood Veneer Laminate
Glass panels with laser cut laminated wood sycamore veneer. Scottish Parliament. Glass Laminated Wood Veneer....... Wood   is   a   natural   material   that   creates   a   very   serene atmosphere.    By    using    wood    in    glazing    projects,    it rejuvenates   us   from   the   bustling   metropolis   and   enable   us to indulge in a world of serenity and sensory.  Glass   Laminated   Wood   Veneer   offers   UV   and   anti-glare protection.   Its   special   coloration   from   the   natural   raw material    enriches    the    contour    of    the    building    by    the emotional   warmth   and   vitality   of   the   natural   material. The    special    treatment    of    wood    offers    a    revolutionary effect    and    ambience    of    diffusing    light    with    obscured images. Performance:   UV   Protection,   Light   Diffuser,   Safety   Glass, Cutting down thermal transmittance Application: Exterior & Interior Application