Hi,   my   name   is Alexander   Nazaryan,   the   founder   of   Maxlen   Limited. Arriving   from   Russia   in   2000,   I   spent   ten years    working    for    two    leading    UK    glass    processing    companies,    specialising    in    the    manufacture    of architectural, structural, decorative flat glass and associated materials. In   December   2010   I   decided   to   start   my   own   business.   Maxlen   Limited   was   founded   with   the   aim   to   bring scale   and   professionalism   to   the   architectural   glass   market,   which   has   been   largely   reliant   on   the   limited services   of   small   workshop   and   studio-based   companies.      With   an   innovative   design   base   we   exploit   the creative    potential    of    glass    to    create    unique    solutions    to    partitioning,    flooring,    cladding,    sculpture    & balustrades. Maxlen offers architects and specifiers high quality large scale design solutions. While   the   company   may   be   young,   the   people   are   experienced   and   can   draw   on   my   17   years   experience   and accumulated   skills,   including   the   manufacture   of   laminated   glass   using   different   methods,   such   as   PVB,   EVA, SGP   and   cold   pour   (chemical   and   UV   cured)   with   encapsulated   materials   such   as:   fabrics,   metal   meshes, veneers   and   other   artificial   and   natural   materials.   While   working   at   Fusion   Glass   I   developed   a   new   range   of products   for   the   UK   market   and   was   heavily   involved   in   key   projects,   solving   technical   problems   to   achieve the required quality and design. My knowledge of the industry has become widely respected. Maxlen   specialises   in   the   manufacture   and   design   of   architectural   laminated   glass   for   commercial,   retail,   and prestigious   residential   developments.   Located   in   Redhill,   Surrey,   the   company   is   well   able   to   meet   the   most exacting   demands   of   its   customers   and   yet,   is   still   able   to   offer   that   all   important   personal   touch,   coupled with   quality   workmanship   and   reliability. A   modern,   well   equipped   workshop,   together   with   a   skilled   and   well trained   workforce,   ensures   that   all   orders   are   processed   efficiently   and   quickly,   enabling   the   customer   to plan with the utmost confidence and to meet tight deadlines. Our    philosophy    is    one    of    'nothing    is    too    much    trouble'.    We    are    always    happy    to    adapt    designs    when requested,   and   whilst   we   offer   a   wide   selection   of   standard   design   solutions   to   fit   with   most   schemes,   we are also able to make any special laminated inserts that might be required. Thank   you   for   visiting   our   website   and   taking   the   time   to   read   about   Maxlen   for   full   details   on   how   to contact us please click h ere.
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